PFF IGIV-C Technician III/Sr.


NC-Clayton, US

Contract Type:  Regular Full-Time
Area:  Manufacturing
Req Id:  516278

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SHIFT: 12 Hour Rotating 


The IGIV-C Technician is responsible for the isolation of IgG by processing plasma intermediate paste and performing fundamental tasks within a GMP environment by cleaning and maintaining the workplace, cleaning, assembling and disassembling operating equipment per applicable procedures, assisting with process control manipulations and maintaining records/logs in accordance with current standard procedures.



Primary Responsibilities:

Performs all duties as described at IGIV-C Technician II level.

Demonstrates the competence to perform process operations with minimal supervision.

Demonstrate a thorough knowledge, understanding, and application of GMP, GLP, safety and housekeeping requirements.

Assists in maintaining communication and cooperating with other teams to aid in constructive approaches toward departmental problems and/or process or equipment changes.

Assists supervisors in establishing, implementing, and maintaining procedures for personnel safety, product integrity, security, and GMP/GLP.

Assists supervisors in the development, improvement, and revision of written procedures (BPR’s and SOP’s)

Assists in the training of less experienced personnel.; Assist in the write and update Job Safety Analysis (JSA); Successfully complete knowledge assessments; Other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Troubleshoots and identifies problems with the production process and equipment operation.

Provides feedback for process improvements related to procedures.


Additional Responsibilities:

Buffer Prep: Monitor buffer usage in process areas and plan buffer makeup as processing defines. Zone 1:  Monitor processing for the Zone 1 operations for consistency. Zone 2 Sterile Processing: Independently set up, prepare and operate Zone 2 equipment (includes initial sterile bulk, sterile filter initial and sterile filling bulks).  Column Processing: Independently load and pack the chromatography columns and perform HETP.  UF/DF Processing: Monitor and control the chromatography process utilizing the DCS control systems, monitor and control the UF/DF process utilizing the DCS and formulation of initial sterile bulks


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Math skills, computer skills, mechanical aptitude, detail oriented, ability to work in a team environment and independently and exercise good judgment




High School diploma OR GED required
One year of regulated industry (FDA, USDA, NRC) experience OR Graduation from an accredited college/university with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree OR Completion of the Bioworks Certification Program preferred

Experience Requirements:

Typically requires a minimum of 12 months as a Technician II in his/her respective department before receiving consideration for advancement to IGIV-C Tech II. Employee must receive a minimum of a meets expectations overall rating on his/her most recent performance review. Employee must have demonstrated competence to perform independently in at least two of the Process Areas listed above and also be proficient in at least 3 of the Process Areas listed above prior to being considered for advancement to IGIV-C Technician I.


*No application will be accepted for the technician positions from SFF or E630 Gamunex


Occupational Demands:

Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs, as well as stand/walk continuously during the shift, and work rotating shifts.  Required vaccination for hepatitis B due to exposure to plasma fractions


Work is performed in a manufacturing environment with rotating shifts. Exposure to biological fluids with potential exposure to infectious organisms. Exposure to chemicals, electrical manufacturing equipment and moving machinery. Exposure to high levels of noise and to dust/gas/fumes/steam.  Exposure to extreme cold below 32*.  Occasional entry into confined spaces, requiring kneeling, crawling, climbing and squatting. Works at heights on scaffolding and/or on ladders. Personal protective equipment required such as; protective eyewear, chemical suits, safety shoes and/or rubber footwear, gloves, hearing protection and a respirator. Work is performed standing, walking and bending neck for 6-8 hours per day. Frequently sits for 4-6 hours per day. Frequent movement of both hands with the ability to make fast, simple, movements of the fingers, hands, and wrists.  Ability to make precise coordinated movements of the fingers to grasp and manipulate objects.  Occasionally bends and twists neck and waist. Light lifting of 15lbs for 2-4 hours per day with a maximum lift of 50lbs. Hearing acuity essential.  Color perception/discrimination, and far vision correctable in one eye to 20/30 and to 20/100 in the other eye.  Able to communicate information and ideas so others will understand; with the ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken and written words and sentences. Frequently performs routine tasks by following a set of written or oral instructions/procedures.



Location: NORTH AMERICA : USA : NC-Clayton:USNC0002 - Clayton 


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