Control Room Operator III


NC-Clayton, US

Contract Type:  Regular Full-Time
Area:  Maintenance / General Services / Facilities
Req Id:  117247

For more than 75 years, Grifols has worked to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. We are a global healthcare company that produces essential plasma-derived medicines for patients and provides hospitals and healthcare professionals with the tools, information and services they need to deliver expert medical care.,

The Utilities Control Room Operator will be responsible for maintaining operation of all utility systems while coordinating the activities of shift technicians.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Maintain operation of the site's utility generation and distribution systems which include: Steam,  Ammonia Refrigeration, Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Compressed Air, Fuel, Andover Building Automation System (BAS), Air Drying, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Transfer,  Primary Electrical Power, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Freeze Dryer Mechanical, Emergency Power, Water-For-Injection (WFI), Ethanol Distillation, Clean Steam, Chlorinated City Water, Acetone Distillation, Tower Cooling Water, HVAC Refrigeration, Cold Ethanol, Waste Water Treatment (WWT), R-22 Process Refrigeration, Cold Glycol, Storm/Sewer Drainage, Vacuum System. Fire Detection through the constant monitoring of the sites many Distributive Control Systems (DCS).
  • Perform troubleshooting and maintenance of utility systems as necessary through coordination of operations' shift technicians and/or other department technicians.
  • Implement and enforce site and Utility Operating Procedures as related to utility operations.
  • Coordinate utility interruptions in normal and emergency situations.
  • Perform training of shift technicians in safety, machinery operation, repair and operating procedures as directed by Utilities Management.
  • Respond to DCS and BAS alarms, ensuring that site operating equipment and space environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and pressure differential) are being maintained.
  • Manage utility complaint calls from site's general population assuring utilities/people comfort issues are addressed.
  • Active member of the facility emergency response team
  • Act as an Incident Commander for any utilities related emergency or abnormal incidents such as Ammonia, Ethanol, Acetone, Freon, Oil, Gas Release or discharge in the absence of the Utility Shift Supervisor


Operator II

  • Extensive knowledge of utility operations associated with PSO/UPO/CUO positions
  • Able to build positive working relationships with cross-functional teams across multiple business units
  • Use personal computers and have experience with Window applications and Web based programs
  • Read, interpret, and apply information from files, drawings, catalogs, reports, and manuals
  • Demonstrate strong mathematical skills with the ability to apply this knowledge to the various tasks assigned
  • Understand current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements
  • Understand industrial plant safety and environmental requirements including Process Safety Management and Risk Management Plans
  • Knowledge of digital control systems


Associates degree in relevant technical field

3 years relevant experience

Directly related experience or a combination of directly related education and experience and/or competencies may be considered in place of the stated requirements.


Operator III

  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities as defined in previous job level
  • Proficiently use computerized maintenance management system to locate/identify replacement parts, coordinate multiple and interdisciplinary work requests, and investigate equipment repair history.
  • Ability to support installation, startup and commissioning of Capital Projects.
  • Knowledge and training as required by OSHA on applicable safe work practices and process safety management
  • Use communication skills to effectively resolve problems with technical personnel including department managers, supervisors and outside technical support


Associates degree in relevant technical field

Qualified in one watch station

4 years relevant experience

1 year experience as CRO 2

Directly related experience or a combination of directly related education and experience and/or competencies may be considered in place of the stated requirements.


Operator IV

  • Act as Utilities Shift Supervisor in the absence of the scheduled shift supervisor
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities as defined in previous job level


Associates degree in relevant technical field

Qualified in two watch stations

6 years relevant experience

2 year experience as CRO 3

Directly related experience or a combination of directly related education and experience and/or competencies may be considered in place of the stated requirements.


Work is performed in a manufacturing environment or warehouse with rotating shifts. Exposure to biological fluids with potential exposure to infectious organisms.  Exposure to chemicals, electrical manufacturing equipment, hand tools and moving machinery.  Operates forklifts, tractors and power equipment. Exposure to high levels of noise and to dust/gas/fumes/steam.  Exposure to extreme cold below 32* and on occasion, exposure to extreme heat above 100*.  Exposure to vibration or oscillating movements of the extremities or the whole body.  Occasional entry into confined spaces, requiring kneeling, crawling, climbing and squatting.  Works at heights on scaffolding and/or on ladders.  Walks on uneven ground. Personal protective equipment required such as; protective eyewear, chemical suits, safety shoes and/or rubber footwear, gloves, hearing protection and a respirator. Heavy lifting and carrying of 45lbs. for up to 6-8 hours per day, with a maximum lift of 75lbs. Work is performed standing, walking, bending and twisting waist for 4-6 hours per day. Frequent foot movements. Occasionally reaches above and below shoulder height. Occasionally bends and twists neck.  Frequent hand movements with simple grasping of one hand with the ability to make fast, simple, repeated movements of the fingers, hands, and wrists.  Ability to make precise coordinated movements, of the fingers to grasp and manipulate objects. Hearing acuity essential.  Color perception/discrimination, depth perception and far vision correctable in one eye to 20/30 and to 20/100 in the other eye. Able to communicate information and ideas so others will understand; with the ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken and written words and sentences.  Performs a wide range of complex tasks. Adheres to a work schedule to meet production standards.



Location: NORTH AMERICA : USA : NC-Clayton:USNC0002 - Clayton 


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